Michael Lee Jackson

Hello, again. Well for the last few days of Autumn I am in Edmonton, AB working with my good friend, Phil Anderson engineering while I produce and mix Victor DeSousa’s latest project which we started during the Masterclass I gave at Victoria School For The Arts last weekend. Fitting that Victor would be working during this workshop on engineering and the history of recorded music for two classes from Victoria School. Actually the classes took place at PowerSound Studio near the school! And now we are overdubbing. 

The third quarter of 2013 has been busy with work in the U.S.A.. MJ and I travelled to California and Pacific Palisades to record the latest project for our friends Michael Lee Jackson, guitarist and song-writer extraordinaire, who has toured the globe in his band, Animal Planet, toured extensively as the creative director and band-leader for Ian Gillan’s solo projects for the past 10 plus years, and who continues to write and place spots for UFC and films. After two weeks in the warm and delightfully sunny seaside studio Michael has near Malibu, we successfully completed all instrumental recording for Michael’s full album and we headed south.

We are so blessed to be working with our great friends. Thank you Michael for everything. Keep those lead vocals coming!





This summer I’ve been working on the co-production of a new 4-song EP project, ALLOTROPE INVERTED with the lads: James and Christian Gould, Adam Gorka, Patrick Brown and Jackson Dorie. I am seldom impressed, but the level of preparedness these lads brought to our sessions was a cut above. So we started in July and August with the first third of the album. As the EP released August 23rd, we began a new phase of the project and completed 5 new tracks a few weeks ago. Again they came focused, prepared. Great work girls!

I really like this sectional approach for artists. They don’t feel nearly as overwhelmed with the sheer volume of material they need ready. Doing an album’s worth of recording at one time is great if you’re a touring band working on the new songs every day, but given the facts for most bands, this makes excellent sense.

Update 2010 – 2012

What I’m doing in these next few posts is gathering and disseminating what I’ve been working on over the past few years. Catching up, sharing links to the artists I’ve worked with since 2010.

I may not have included you all in individual posts so here goes:

Protest The Hero 
 Snoop Dogg
  Ian Gillan
  The Sheepdogs
Monster Truck  
Black Lungs
Ill  Scarlet Anatol  
Kobra and the Lotus  
Stone River  
Modern Miniatures
  Crossley Hunter
  Marcio Novelli
  Flood The Sun
  1220 Blast
  The Bombsters
  The Crystal Kage

Mike Fleming  
Rita DeGhent  
Sara London
  The Breaking Wind
  Backbeat Nation  
Weekend Riot Club

Santee Smith  
  Sue Leonard
  Parkdale Hookers  
Steve Foster
  The Bombsters  
Michael Theodore
  Tommy Z  

Rik Ganju
  Mark Dawm.

M.E. Law visits and records 4 tracks

And for the July 1st weekend our dear and talented friend, Marion Law https://myspace.com/marionlaw‎ visited from er home in San Diego, CA. We had a magical weekend and during it all I recorded., mixed and mastered four new tracks for Marion. Beautiful writing, well played and sung and they sound wonderful! A simple recording designed to create maximum output in little time, we recorded the guitar first and then added the vocal to each track as we proceeded. If we’d have recorded them together, the vocal could have been fabulous and the vocal might not have been what she wanted. fingers get weary before voices usually, so this way multiple vocal takes avoided redoing the guitar tracks. Marion was well rehearsed both lyrically and instrumentally. And what a sense of humour she infuses her songs with. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, Marion.

But wait, we’re coming to you in October to complete this delicate project. We’ll be a Capricorn Studios in San Diego and thank you, Marion and Shane, for bringing us down from L.A. to hang and record the rest of your album. It is so long overdue. We can hardly wait to be there with you both.


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I’ve been mastering for almost 20 years now and in that time I’m sure I’ve mastered perhaps tens of thousands of tracks. I spent over 14 years mastering exclusively for Metalworks. Then, when I was hired as the Chief Engineer for Jukasa Studios, I mastered while there for 2.5 years along with my other engineering duties. Now producing, recording, mixing and mastering at my home studio in Caledonia, Ontario since November 2012, I’m enjoying the freedom of being able to professionally master at home and/or at Metalworks, once again. My mastering rate is very competetive. The results are industry standard. So wherever you are you can send me your newest musical files and I can mix/remix/master them reasonably and reliably. I don’t charge for tweaking unless you get ridiculous. Cheers!

ANDREAS EP Mixed & Mastered

Andreas #1

So this father’s day weekend Nick mixed ANDREAS www.andreasband.com. The new 5-song EP was created in a home studio, mixed and mastered here and will be posted with the next 14 days. Fine choice for a mixer people. Thanks very much! We had a blast! Too much laughter, though!

ANDREAS is Jennifer Lockman, Brian Dahl, Jason Brandow and Adam Payne. We even made time for the closing hole of the U.S. Open amongst yesterday’s refining process of mixes. ANDREAS have written Great tracks made that much better, in my humble opinion, by the inclusion of the keyboards and female harmonies.

Jennifer wrote: “I am still buzzing this morning from this past weekend. I was with my comrades Brian and Jay, mixing the Andreas EP at Nick Blagona‘s Studio: https://www.facebook.com/PsychotropicStudios?fref=ts
What an incredible man! He is so generous with his time and knowledge and just a joy to work with. I feel so lucky to have met him and his partner in crime, Mary-Jane Russell. She was a gracious host and made us feel incredibly welcome. Thank you!
We are fired up to share the EP with everyone! It sounds fantastic and we will of course be having a release party this summer. Details will be posted soon…”

Andreas has a show on 2013-03-02 at 19:00 @ Artword Artbar in Hamilton, ON





1220 BLAST

Well, here we are almost done Andy’s outstanding lead vocals for the new 1220 BLAST album. Great Songs! Great Lads! Loads of fun and laughs! One lead vocal left, a1220blast6 few B/Vs, acoustic

guitar or two and a bass solo and perhaps some keyboards it’s on to the Mix. Our Homegrown Haldimand Boys Shine On in every way!

Well, we’re done this Outstanding effort by 1220 BLAST! It’s a Keeper, this album! First Rate Studio Album! Fans, Friends, Family! You’re gonna love this! Completed June 10th, 2013. GO LADS, GO!!!


So, winner of many Jazz and Urban Jazz Awards in Canada and abroad, BROWNMAN is bringing his next ELECTRYC TRIO project to me to mix to start off our summer here at Psychotropic Studios. I’m thrilled to have Brown here. http://www.brownman.com/, in preparation for his upcoming CD Release evenings in Toronto.

Electric Jazz Trio
National Jazz Award winners
“Electric Jazz Group of the Year”

                  CD Release – Night 1 @ Mây Cafe, Toronto$20 door / $15 adv
                  CD Release – Night 2@ Mây Cafe, Toronto$20 door / $15 adv

This is the third album I will have mixed for Brownman Ali and it’s always a groove working with the Man.

One of the next voices in the new generation of jazz improvisors
           – Randy Brecker, multi-Grammy winning jazz trumpet legend

Remarkable writing and burning energy coming out of this young trumpet player
           – John Scofield, multi-Grammy winning jazz guitar icon

… a truly gifted improviser with an original creative voice…
           – Gary Bartz, saxophonist with Miles Davis

… uniquely creative and fearless – like a young Miles Davis
           – Guru, legendary hip-hop icon from Gangstarr/Jazzmatazz fame

Energy is never in short supply in Brownman Ali’s world. This Toronto/Trinidadian trumpeter loves skipping from style to style almost as much as he digs mixing it up with the jazz elite
           – NOW magazine, Toronto (cover story)


The Sheepdogs Win 3 Junos 2013

imagesFirst time JUNO Award nominees The Sheepdogs led the flock with a total of 3 JUNO Award wins.
Having already picked up the JUNO Awards for
New Group of the Year (sponsored by FACTOR and Radio Starmaker Fund) and Rock Album of the Year
(sponsored by Recording Artists’ Collecting Society – A Division of ACTRA) at the JUNO Gala Dinner & Awards on Saturday night, the group was thrilled to add
an additional JUNO Award for Single of the Year to their collection, which was granted for their bluesy rock ballad,
“I Don’t Know,” recorded and mixed by Nick Blagona.
Congratulations, to you all!
I’m very pleased for you.