What A Summer!

Well it really has been an excellent summer working together with JAMES ALPHONSE recording and mixing his first self-titled solo EP. And he’s already procured a Synch Broker who is placing one track on a TV show. Check https://james-alphonse.bandcamp.com/album/james-alphonse. It makes perfect sense for this talented young singer/songwriter to be getting action from the industry at large. Congratulations, James!

TOMMY Z, Bluesman from Buffalo, again asked me to mix/master his latest album after 11 years. Tommy consistently tours the US in support of his latest projects. www.tommyzband.com/.

LORI YATES, one of Canada’s finest Country Singer-Songwriters, completed her long anticipated CD, “Sweetheart of the Valley”, this spring and asked me to master it this summer. Honoured, Lori! It’s a stellar accomplishment with Great songs and Great performances! www.facebook.com/yateslori

I took a young band from Newmarket, REPLY ALL RAGE,  into Catharine North Studio and recorded their first EP bed-tracks, brought them back here where they camped out for three nights, recorded guitars, bass, vocals and mixed 4 tracks. I love working with young developing talent. We had a blast and they’re now over their first studio recording experience hump! Fine job lads! That name will change.

Andrew Aldridge, producer, brought me the mixing/mastering project from the talented tune-smith DUANE RUTTER. “Crazy Things” is a superb album project.

And an on-going mixing project finds SCARLETT ANTALOCZY’s newest Christmas creation just about ready for the Season. https://www.facebook.com/scarlett.antaloczy?fref=ts

MJ and I wish all these great musicians success with these and all their creative endeavours. Thanks for having faith in my ears.




20150522-NB to the heavens darkerSummer’s almost over all you home studio engineers; and, as vacation time comes to a close we are planning another Audio Group Therapy Workshop. This intensive 2-day workshop for you In-The-Box recording/mixing remedy seekers plan now for September 21st 22nd, 2015.
We have room for 2 more participants. Funds Well Spent. Rewards – Priceless! If interested, please contact MJ at janusproductions@gmail.com or by phone/text at 905-870-5516.

Congratulations to All Hamilton Music Awards 2015 Nominees!

I’m thrilled that five projects I’ve worked on in the past year have garnered nominations for the Hamilton Music Awards 2015. Congratulations to all the nominees and especially these five talented Artists/Groups:

Allotrope, Jamsquid, Harrison Kennedy, Mississippi Bends and Tongue Fu!! Great Going ALL!!


Late last summer, produced by Jesse O’Brien, for Canadian BlueThisIsFromHeres label Electro Fi Records, Harrison Kennedy recorded the bed tracks at Jukasa Studio with Darren Magierowski engineering and editing, and Denis Tougas engineering. Jesse and Harrison then brought all the tracks to me to mix/master. This was an especially exciting project for the players, Jesse, for Harrison and for me, as it represented a move to electric R&B/Blues for Harrison. With great newly penned selections and a few older songs, Harrison is once again planted indelibly in the R&B history books.
It’s called “This Is From Here” and is doing great in the States climbing up all the Blues & Roots Radio Charts.
“The Vinyl LP which Nick did a truly masterful remix on will be out in June.” Andrew Galloway, Electro-Fi Records, Inc. March 27, 2015

JAMSQUID bedtracks and such

pic4aApologies to JAMSQUID. I thought this was published long since. I believe I was waiting for a photo. So, Mid March, 2014, JAMSQUID and I convened for bed tracks at Porcelain Records in north Hamilton and then continued back here at Psychotropic Studio. This was a Rockin’ project and the live-off-the-floor approach worked brilliantly. Simple! One half day there. 3 days back at Psychotropic Studio and voilå! A Wicked EP was born! Go Lads, GO!

The JOHNNY MAX BAND LIVE recording done and mixed

March 11th, The Johnny Max Band set up hexagonally on-the-floor with no head-phones at Porcelain Records. This seasoned Blues Sextet were so prepared that we recorded an album in three hours. And with such pros, it was a snap. Marcone and Steve Bigas were on hand to lend their talent. The room lends itself, as few others do, to live recording without bleeding from instrument to instrument or vocal to vocal. It was a magical evening and this great collection of recordings sounds superb! And, the video will be available very shortly!

Next, the studio album in April/May. This one’s going to be Great Fun!

Thanks, Johnny, for your trust!

Tia McGraff & Tommy Parham

CRAZY BEAUTIFUL is now a reality for Tia McGRAFF and Tommy Parham. April 2nd it drops in Canada on Bandana Records and April 8th they take it to the UK to release throughout for one month of touring, www.tiamcgraff.com. It has been a labour of love working with these two dedicated, exceedingly talented songwriting artists intensely for the past 3 months and overall, since last September.

As with many projects these days, we worked groups of songs towards specific goals. And what a joyful and rewarding experience. Tommy Parham is an intuitive producer and he let the songs dictate the production they needed. We laid the foundations of each song here last September. Then, while they toured the US last autumn, they stopped in Nashville, Memphis and Austin to record some bedtracks with colleagues like Cindy Cashdollar, Tommy Harden, Dave Sanger and Dave Labruyere. All this they sent back via internet for me to prepare and when they arrived home, we got to work adding Andrew Aldridge’s touches, Tommy’s mandolin and guitar, Tia’s lead vocals, Tommy’s backing vocals and a few keyboard enhancements. One song needed a whistling solo, so MJ created that simply.

“Crazy Beautiful” is a masterpiece! It holds at least 6 single hits and crosses from Country, Alt-Country through Americana into Folk and Adult Contemporary radio.

Of “Baby’s Got a Banjo” from “Crazy Beautiful”, Craig Fox said of the pre-release: “Best new song I’ve heard this year – I mean, at all. Like, period. The song just “fits with what’s happening in country right now. Perfect timing for this sound.”

Craig Fox at Country 107.3 March 11, 2015.




John Chandler (Lavendar Hill Mob); Nick; Mike (Jamsquid)
John Chandler (Lavendar Hill Mob); Nick; Mike (Jamsquid)

Hi, all. January 10 and 11, 2015. A new year, a new approach. This year I am offering audio therapy for the home studio owner in so many of you. Our first session happened this past weekend here at Psychotropic Studio. Two home recording engineers from Dundas and Edmonton attended to their delight. We had a fun and intense two days chatting in depth about the techniques that will help them create refined tracks, improved mixes and stellar master tracks. We talked about the recording rooms each has – each brought along photos of his set-up and how to improve upon the results from a design perspective. We studied tracks each brought and both lads left recharged and confident armed with countless new ideas and a more in depth understanding of recording/mixing/mastering in the digital realm. We laughed, shared stories and ate well.

There will be more. I plan on one GROUP THERAPY Weekends every quarter or so. So We plan one for April to suit your schedule. Come join us! You will cherish the knowledge you’ll gain and the like-minded comradeship you’ll develop.

PSYCHOTIC AUTHORITY (formerly Seeing Red)

Psychotic Authority Resized

So, back to work with PSYCHOTIC AUTHORITY, the natural evolution of Seeing Red. Psychotic Authority is Claudia Roxs, Richard DuCroix (Guitar), Kevin Brazolot (Bass)and Doug Bennie (Drums). We began working together before Christmas when the new lineup solidified and the material flowed. They graciously had faith in my recovery, have helped me with alternative healing options, and we are continuing overdubs weekly, with mixes beginning shortly on an original EP; their long-term plan is to complete a dozen or so songs by the end of this year. This is fun and exciting Rock music infused by Claudia’s fantastic lead voice and great talent in her cohorts! So NEW BEGINNINGS for everyone involved in this group of sessions. Great news all around!

M.E. Law: Peace, Love, Death and Chocolate now for sale

So south meant San Diego, where MJ’s longtime friend M.E. (Marion) Law creates works of art and her music. With 4 songs in the can from her visit to Canada this past summer, and knowing we’d be in California in October, Marion thought why not complete a whole album as the songs were waiting to be given their own lives. Well we had a blast working with Kris Towne Hams at Capricorn Studios in downtown San Diego for two days where M.E. completed the guitar and lead vocals for 6(six) more songs. She added backing vocals along with MJ and back in Canada I set about creating percussion and drum tracks for this second group of quirky songs. Then we brought in a few of Hamilton’s finest in Andrew Aldridge and Neil Nickafor on guitar and bass, respectively to add their tasty musicality to each track. The results are superb and every player respected the song faithfully. Finally, M.E. thought a few of the songs needed further backing vocals, so MJ Russell and Sue Leonard added fairy dust to two tracks. I mixed and mastered as I went, et Voila!! C’est Fini!

We are thrilled with this intimate, eclectic project M.E. has divined. www.marionlaw.com All songs are available for listening and buying at M.E.’s site. www.facebook.com/marion.law.16