Janus Production Management Services, Inc. was our production management entity. I managed Nick Blagona’s business career for almost thirty years from 1990 – 2019 inclusive. For much of that time Nick was an independent Record producer/engineer/mixing and mastering engineer.

I have been a professional musician since my early teens, although I spent some of my musical career working in the hospitality industry. I also spent a decade as an artist agent and manager. Throughout, I have been a private piano teacher and vocal coach. Combined, Nick and I offered decades of entrepreneurship and a wealth of knowledge in the Canadian and International Entertainment Industry.

In 1993 we created Psychotropic Studios, our world-class home recording studio environment where we cared for and helped artists create wonderful world-class albums. My roles were to scout talented Artists to work with Nick, negotiate contracts, liaise with record companies, artists & management, arrange rehearsal space, gear and times for pre-production & production of projects, I provided an enriching comfortable environment for artists, provide home-cooked meals and, in some cases, lodgings – when appropriate, gave vocal coaching as requested, offered backing vocal arrangement ideas and sang when called upon.

Nick and I had developed a tailored engineering school curriculum which we presented to Jukasa Media Group and became the Jukasa School of Recording Arts (JSRA). I taught a music business class called “Survival in the New Millennium“, designed to prepare Native Artists and Engineers for the real world challenges of staying afloat in this wacky, exciting 21st century Music Business. After over two years of building the reputation of the studio, in November 2012 Nick was let go as chief engineer, due to political conflicts with middle management and immediately Nick and I responded by reopening Psychotropic Studios in Caledonia, Ontario.

For the next seven years, amongst hospital stays, bypass surgery, and until Nick’s sickness overtook him, Nick won several Hamilton Music Awards and his work with Harrison Kennedy was nominated for Juno Awards.

Nick and I extend to each and every friend, colleague and client we have worked and played with over the years, our hearty and sincere thanks for putting your career development and trust in the hands of Nick, and by extension, us. We continued to prosper and grow as a result of you.

It was a pleasure serving you all.

Music is universally essential to our future as a species. Rock On!

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via email: janusproductions@gmail.com.


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