With the quintuple bypass surgery securely behind me, I’m back to work and this summer some of the finest “A” players around this end of Lake Ontario, have gathered in the form of Lily Sazz-Fayter’s ‘Cootes Paradise’.Lily and I chatted in March this year, and decided to collaborate on a Live-Off-The-Floor concept album project that […]

The JOHNNY MAX BAND LIVE recording done and mixed

March 11th, The Johnny Max Band set up hexagonally on-the-floor with no head-phones at Porcelain Records. This seasoned Blues Sextet were so prepared that we recorded an album in three hours. And with such pros, it was a snap. Marcone and Steve Bigas were on hand to lend their talent. The room lends itself, as […]

Tia McGraff & Tommy Parham

CRAZY BEAUTIFUL is now a reality for Tia McGRAFF and Tommy Parham. April 2nd it drops in Canada on Bandana Records and April 8th they take it to the UK to release throughout for one month of touring, It has been a labour of love working with these two dedicated, exceedingly talented songwriting artists […]

PSYCHOTIC AUTHORITY (formerly Seeing Red)

So, back to work with PSYCHOTIC AUTHORITY, the natural evolution of Seeing Red. Psychotic Authority is Claudia Roxs, Richard DuCroix (Guitar), Kevin Brazolot (Bass)and Doug Bennie (Drums). We began working together before Christmas when the new lineup solidified and the material flowed. They graciously had faith in my recovery, have helped me with alternative healing options, and […]

M.E. Law: Peace, Love, Death and Chocolate now for sale

So south meant San Diego, where MJ’s longtime friend M.E. (Marion) Law creates works of art and her music. With 4 songs in the can from her visit to Canada this past summer, and knowing we’d be in California in October, Marion thought why not complete a whole album as the songs were waiting to […]

M.E. Law visits and records 4 tracks

And for the July 1st weekend our dear and talented friend, Marion Law‎ visited from er home in San Diego, CA. We had a magical weekend and during it all I recorded., mixed and mastered four new tracks for Marion. Beautiful writing, well played and sung and they sound wonderful! A simple recording designed to […]

Alexisonfire EP Released for Farewell Tour 2012

As I don’t have anything here yet for my work with Alexisonfire, I want to introduce you to this acoustic rendering of Alexisonfire hits acoustically created that I recorded and mixed last autumn with Dallas and Wade. You may be aware that Julius Butty has worked as producer extensively with the lads in the past. […]

Marcio Novelli poised to release sophmore album.

Congratulations to Marcio Novelli are due along with his new album release. And thanks to Mike Burgess for your kind inclusion of my role in It’s Not An Excuse, It’s a Reason in your article. We had a great time recording and mixing this album last year. Marcio came to me through my relationship with producer […]