ALLOTROPE‎ This summer I’ve been working on the co-production of a new 4-song EP project, ALLOTROPE INVERTED with the lads: James and Christian Gould, Adam Gorka, Patrick Brown and Jackson Dorie. I am seldom impressed, but the level of preparedness these lads brought to our sessions was a cut above. So we started in […]


So, winner of many Jazz and Urban Jazz Awards in Canada and abroad, BROWNMAN is bringing his next ELECTRYC TRIO project to me to mix to start off our summer here at Psychotropic Studios. I’m thrilled to have Brown here., in preparation for his upcoming CD Release evenings in Toronto. BROWNMAN ELECTRYC TRIO Electric […]

Alexisonfire EP Released for Farewell Tour 2012

As I don’t have anything here yet for my work with Alexisonfire, I want to introduce you to this acoustic rendering of Alexisonfire hits acoustically created that I recorded and mixed last autumn with Dallas and Wade. You may be aware that Julius Butty has worked as producer extensively with the lads in the past. […]

ADELLEDA in Session with Nick

Well after a one day, live-off-the-floor bedtrack recording session last weekend at Porcelain Records in lower-town Hamilton, ADELLEDA and I continue with overdubs here at Psychotropic Studios in Caledona. This exciting Skate Punk band originally wanted to complete six (6) bedtracks last Saturday. In fact we finished eight (8) bedtracks in 7 hours – Great […]