So, winner of many Jazz and Urban Jazz Awards in Canada and abroad, BROWNMAN is bringing his next ELECTRYC TRIO project to me to mix to start off our summer here at Psychotropic Studios. I’m thrilled to have Brown here., in preparation for his upcoming CD Release evenings in Toronto. BROWNMAN ELECTRYC TRIO Electric […]

Alexisonfire EP Released for Farewell Tour 2012

As I don’t have anything here yet for my work with Alexisonfire, I want to introduce you to this acoustic rendering of Alexisonfire hits acoustically created that I recorded and mixed last autumn with Dallas and Wade. You may be aware that Julius Butty has worked as producer extensively with the lads in the past. […]

Marcio Novelli poised to release sophmore album.

Congratulations to Marcio Novelli are due along with his new album release. And thanks to Mike Burgess for your kind inclusion of my role in It’s Not An Excuse, It’s a Reason in your article. We had a great time recording and mixing this album last year. Marcio came to me through my relationship with producer […]

Sue Leonard’s latest EP Leonardville available now!

Thursday, February 28, 2013 Well the EP, Leonardville by Sue Leonard and friends is now available for sale and download at, and various other sources online. There are 6 tracks, 4 of which were created with Robert Johnston and Bill Dillon at Georgie Fab’s studio, A Cellar Full Of Noise, in Hamilton. The two […]

Mixing The Fowler Brothers in Concert with Rik Emmett

Saturday, March 2, 2013 “Hi Nick, Ken and I are very pleased with the mix results and the tremendous effort you gave these tracks for us… It’s outstanding and absolutely perfect”Paul Fowler in Newfoundland For the past week Nick has been mixing tracks from this live concert. This would have been one for the books. […]

AMY CHURM completes 2 singles

Great Country Songstress AMY CHURM has just finished remixing and mastering her new singles with Nick @ Psychotropic Studios. A local Artist, AMY has definitely got the Gifts of a natural, powerful, smooth tone in her voice. These co-written songs are radio ready now! She’s a joy in every way! You Go, Girl!! These two […]