London, England was electric…

Nick Blagona - The Tone Guru
Nick Blagona – The Tone Guru

…with the Pop Music explosion of the mid sixties when Nick Blagona (wiki) arrived there to be a part of it all. Nick began his recording engineer apprenticeship at Decca Studios and then became a staff engineer at Wessex Studios.

In 1971, on a visit home to Canada Nick met with André Perry and they discussed the unprecedented idea of building an environmental studio in the Laurentien Mountains. ‘If you build it they will come.’ And come they did. Word spread very quickly that North America’s first residential recording studio housed a world-class engineer in Nick Blagona and that the setting was perfectly conducive to creativity and anonymity.

Throughout the 70s Nick engineered albums for Chicago, Rainbow, The BeeGees, The Police, The McGarrigle Sisters, Uzeb, Robert Charlebois, and several repeat engagements by Cat Stevens and Nazareth. Over the years this great sounding studio drew the famous of the time.

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