Cootes Paradise Completing 2019 EP at Psychotropic Studio w/ Marcone (Halo Studio)

July, 2019 Lily Sazz and Cootes Paradise, with Nick in one chair and (the ever caring and talented engineer) Amy King in the other, accomplish recording 7 bedtracks at Grant Avenue Studio in one day. Throughout August and September every member of Cootes Paradise joined Nick and Lily here at Psychotropic Studio for overdubs of […]

TONGUE FU MIXES begin this week, March 2014!

Andy Sarnoff has produced a live-off-the-floor 8-song collection of Tongue Fu’s latest output and Lou Molinaro and the lads are bringing the project in, starting this first week in March for several guitar overdubs and then mixing. This item should have been sent out almost 6 years ago. Thanks gents for the confidence in me. […]


With the quintuple bypass surgery securely behind me, I’m back to work and this summer some of the finest “A” players around this end of Lake Ontario, have gathered in the form of Lily Sazz-Fayter’s ‘Cootes Paradise’.Lily and I chatted in March this year, and decided to collaborate on a Live-Off-The-Floor concept album project that […]

The Browntasauras Record Label paired with Mastering Tone Guru

Browntasauras Records and I (here at Psychotropic Mastering Lab) have recently finalized a mutually sweet arrangement in which all Browntasauras Records recording Artists’ projects will be mastered by me. It makes perfect sense. Brownman and I have been working together for almost 20 years now, having been introduced to each other by Ritesh Das of […]

The ‘Uncommon Journey’ Syrian Refugee Project

January 2016. Local hero, Frank Koren called to ask me if I would be interested in donating my services to a project he’d devised to help the Syrian Refugees coming to the Golden Horseshoe area. Frank had asked every musician he knows to contribute a song to the project. The response was unanimously positive and […]

Who’s been in the Studio this year so far?

Well I know it’s been since the fall of last year since we last updated you all. No complaints. I’m on it now. The autumn and winter of 2015-2016 was filled with the re-treatment of Jim Italiano’s latest project, “Like A Rolling Stone”. Jim faithfully came, reworked, re-recorded, remixed and finally I mastered this album […]

Audio Group Therapy Workshop #3

Calling home studio engineers in the Golden Horseshoe! I am having another exciting weekend of discovery; how to accomplish refining your in-the-box recordings and mixes. We will gather September 11th & 12th to exchange your problem areas, find solutions to sonic and acoustic issues you have, learn techniques I’ve discovered over my career, help you […]