Halo studios was housed atop This Ain’t Hollywood in the north end of James Street, Hamilton, Ontario. Marcone built it and they came and then the building was on the market. Marcone’s offer was rejected.

So he and Neva bought the building at 57 Augusta Street East in which Neva had her Law Office.

Marcone and Cory and friends are creating the new Halo Studio now and it will be ready for opening TBA Spring.

Marcone has been exemplary as a help to me and as an eager-to-learn talented engineer. Our relationship began when Marcone came back from the UK with an album in him that he needed to realize, in 2006.

So we have been working together since then and I hope he thrives in the industry marketplace. I completely endorse his talent and professionalism. His integrity is unquestioned. He has been an asset and a fine friend, throughout. He prepares to complete the projects I left unfinished, sadly.

Rock On, my Friend

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