Cootes Paradise Completing 2019 EP at Psychotropic Studio w/ Marcone (Halo Studio)

July, 2019 Lily Sazz and Cootes Paradise, with Nick in one chair and (the ever caring and talented engineer) Amy King in the other, accomplish recording 7 bedtracks at Grant Avenue Studio in one day. Throughout August and September every member of Cootes Paradise joined Nick and Lily here at Psychotropic Studio for overdubs of all songs. The first single was completed and sent to Whitehall Entertainment as soundtrack to their poignant video. The Song is “You Were Meant For Something More”

September was very painful for Nick, physically, and he was determined to keep working. Finally, with three mixes complete, he could no longer maneuver the stairs to the studio.

These particularly remarkable folks in Cootes Paradise showed great patience and empathy for Nick. 

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