With the quintuple bypass surgery securely behind me, I’m back to work and this summer some of the finest “A” players around this end of Lake Ontario, have gathered in the form of Lily Sazz-Fayter’s ‘Cootes Paradise’.
Lily and I chatted in March this year, and decided to collaborate on a Live-Off-The-Floor concept album project that she hoped her band-mates would rise to by mid August, and they did.
We all gathered at Grant Avenue Studio for 3 half days and we successfully laid down 12 bed-tracks, with the very talented expert and professional, Amy King. Then we continued with two weeks, evenings only, of overdubs here at Psychotropic Studio. All happy, I proceeded to mix and master the project with Lily by my side; that is, until the power supply on my tower died and I was forced to buy a new iMac to complete the final mastering.


We have completion!
What a joy working with great musical talent and great friends. Congratulations to all involved!
This album will be released before November 10th, 2017

January, 2020

Update: This first Cootes Paradise Album, received a Best New Artist Nomination in the 2018 Maple Blues Awards, and it grew legs, recieved serious rotation on Canadian and American Blues programmes across North America.

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