Browntasauras Records and I (here at Psychotropic Mastering Lab) have recently finalized a mutually sweet arrangement in which all Browntasauras Records recording Artists’ projects will be mastered by me. It makes perfect sense. Brownman and I have been working together for almost 20 years now, having been introduced to each other by Ritesh Das of Toronto Tabla Ensemble while recording TTE’s First and Second Palla albums in the mid 1990s. It was love at first blow for both of us. It’s been a Jazz road far less traveled that was so exciting for me when I heard Brownman make love to his horn. Now Brownman, with all these years of touring, being in command of his own multifaceted international career, has the background in developing artists and the mandate of his record company to draw on.  Browntasauras Records is set to remain a catalyst, rather than a cash grab. Brownman has always been a visionary. He lives by the ideology that ‘if we all link arms and build each other up, we’ll all be stronger for it.’ It’s a beautiful way of living creatively, cooperatively.

So I’m honoured and thrilled to offer my sonic service to this select boutique label. (as Brown says) Peace! I’m Out!
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