I’ve started working with a band from the 1970s which is resurfacing at the behest of fans. The band is “WARPIG” and Rick Donmoyer contacted me to help him track and mix material the various members of the band have created since WARPIG broke up over 30 years ago. To date we are nearing completion on 4 tracks. The project encompasses newer compositions and material written in 1974 just as the band operations were suspended.
They gathered in 2004 to get reacquainted and discuss a number of offers on the table for an authorized CD release of the original WARPIG album, started writing together, and voilĂ .

I’m also working with a young and very talented local singer/songwriter: PURE (Nancy Vincic). While Nancy will be attending the Humber Jazz program this fall, she’s determined to finish at least a single prior to that. The basic acoustic track is done and we’ll be adding as the song dictates. We’re bringing in Neil Nickafor, Bassist extraordinaire and fine lad, too, second week of June.


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