CRAZY BEAUTIFUL is now a reality for Tia McGRAFF and Tommy Parham. April 2nd it drops in Canada on Bandana Records and April 8th they take it to the UK to release throughout for one month of touring, It has been a labour of love working with these two dedicated, exceedingly talented songwriting artists intensely for the past 3 months and overall, since last September.

As with many projects these days, we worked groups of songs towards specific goals. And what a joyful and rewarding experience. Tommy Parham is an intuitive producer and he let the songs dictate the production they needed. We laid the foundations of each song here last September. Then, while they toured the US last autumn, they stopped in Nashville, Memphis and Austin to record some bedtracks with colleagues like Cindy Cashdollar, Tommy Harden, Dave Sanger and Dave Labruyere. All this they sent back via internet for me to prepare and when they arrived home, we got to work adding Andrew Aldridge’s touches, Tommy’s mandolin and guitar, Tia’s lead vocals, Tommy’s backing vocals and a few keyboard enhancements. One song needed a whistling solo, so MJ created that simply.

“Crazy Beautiful” is a masterpiece! It holds at least 6 single hits and crosses from Country, Alt-Country through Americana into Folk and Adult Contemporary radio.

Of “Baby’s Got a Banjo” from “Crazy Beautiful”, Craig Fox said of the pre-release: “Best new song I’ve heard this year – I mean, at all. Like, period. The song just “fits with what’s happening in country right now. Perfect timing for this sound.”

Craig Fox at Country 107.3 March 11, 2015.



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