Late last summer, produced by Jesse O’Brien, for Canadian BlueThisIsFromHeres label Electro Fi Records, Harrison Kennedy recorded the bed tracks at Jukasa Studio with Darren Magierowski engineering and editing, and Denis Tougas engineering. Jesse and Harrison then brought all the tracks to me to mix/master. This was an especially exciting project for the players, Jesse, for Harrison and for me, as it represented a move to electric R&B/Blues for Harrison. With great newly penned selections and a few older songs, Harrison is once again planted indelibly in the R&B history books.
It’s called “This Is From Here” and is doing great in the States climbing up all the Blues & Roots Radio Charts.
“The Vinyl LP which Nick did a truly masterful remix on will be out in June.” Andrew Galloway, Electro-Fi Records, Inc. March 27, 2015

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