Hello, again. Well for the last few days of Autumn I am in Edmonton, AB working with my good friend, Phil Anderson engineering while I produce and mix Victor DeSousa’s latest project which we started during the Masterclass I gave at Victoria School For The Arts last weekend. Fitting that Victor would be working during this workshop on engineering and the history of recorded music for two classes from Victoria School. Actually the classes took place at PowerSound Studio near the school! And now we are overdubbing. 

The third quarter of 2013 has been busy with work in the U.S.A.. MJ and I travelled to California and Pacific Palisades to record the latest project for our friends Michael Lee Jackson, guitarist and song-writer extraordinaire, who has toured the globe in his band, Animal Planet, toured extensively as the creative director and band-leader for Ian Gillan’s solo projects for the past 10 plus years, and who continues to write and place spots for UFC and films. After two weeks in the warm and delightfully sunny seaside studio Michael has near Malibu, we successfully completed all instrumental recording for Michael’s full album and we headed south.

We are so blessed to be working with our great friends. Thank you Michael for everything. Keep those lead vocals coming!


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