So south meant San Diego, where MJ’s longtime friend M.E. (Marion) Law creates works of art and her music. With 4 songs in the can from her visit to Canada this past summer, and knowing we’d be in California in October, Marion thought why not complete a whole album as the songs were waiting to be given their own lives. Well we had a blast working with Kris Towne Hams at Capricorn Studios in downtown San Diego for two days where M.E. completed the guitar and lead vocals for 6(six) more songs. She added backing vocals along with MJ and back in Canada I set about creating percussion and drum tracks for this second group of quirky songs. Then we brought in a few of Hamilton’s finest in Andrew Aldridge and Neil Nickafor on guitar and bass, respectively to add their tasty musicality to each track. The results are superb and every player respected the song faithfully. Finally, M.E. thought a few of the songs needed further backing vocals, so MJ Russell and Sue Leonard added fairy dust to two tracks. I mixed and mastered as I went, et Voila!! C’est Fini!

We are thrilled with this intimate, eclectic project M.E. has divined. All songs are available for listening and buying at M.E.’s site.

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