And for the July 1st weekend our dear and talented friend, Marion Law‎ visited from er home in San Diego, CA. We had a magical weekend and during it all I recorded., mixed and mastered four new tracks for Marion. Beautiful writing, well played and sung and they sound wonderful! A simple recording designed to create maximum output in little time, we recorded the guitar first and then added the vocal to each track as we proceeded. If we’d have recorded them together, the vocal could have been fabulous and the vocal might not have been what she wanted. fingers get weary before voices usually, so this way multiple vocal takes avoided redoing the guitar tracks. Marion was well rehearsed both lyrically and instrumentally. And what a sense of humour she infuses her songs with. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, Marion.

But wait, we’re coming to you in October to complete this delicate project. We’ll be a Capricorn Studios in San Diego and thank you, Marion and Shane, for bringing us down from L.A. to hang and record the rest of your album. It is so long overdue. We can hardly wait to be there with you both.

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