RikEmmett w:Fowler Bros 2:13Saturday, March 2, 2013

“Hi Nick, Ken and I are very pleased with the mix results and the tremendous effort you gave these tracks for us… It’s outstanding and absolutely perfect”Paul Fowler in Newfoundland

For the past week Nick has been mixing tracks from this live concert. This would have been one for the books. Great artists/musicians one and all. My association with The Fowler Brothers began in 1993 when my then manager, Alex Andronache, spoke with the member of an outstanding band in Nfld. called Albert Fayth! I trekked out to The Rock again after 30 years since I last tread upon the shores and recorded the Fowler Brothers and cohorts at the CBC Studios in St. Johns. Ever since, off and on, Paul and Ken have called upon me for mixing and mastering various projects for them. I was especially excited to receive these over the net last week. It’s such a smaller world now. They simply sent each track via yousendit.com and I sent them the mixes, they asked for tweaks, I tweaked, they applauded and Bob’s your uncle. No muss no fuss. These lads are fine folk and their loyalty and fairness are what makes me continue to enjoy my artistry to this day. It’s folks like The Fowler Brothers who make this recording industry so rewarding. I’m so pleased you like my work, lads.

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